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Hope Givers, Now Available!

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We all face adversity at some time in our lives.  In 2019, with the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, no one was immune to the chaos that was about to ensue.  Everyone, including Jodi O'Donnell Ames, who was working from home as a coach, was feeling a universal array of emotions:  Worry. Shock. Isolation. Grief. Uncertainty.


Wanting to harness hope, Jodi started a podcast: Gratitude to Latitude, Stories of Hope and Resilience, to gather and celebrate the people and stories who have fueled her purpose and passion for personal growth and healing.


Hope Givers is the story of the author’s journey through caregiving, terminal illness, grief, and those hardest ubiquitous lessons of adult life. These stories are complimented by thought leaders, professionals and friends whose wisdom and perspectives bring resources and comfort to our toughest times.


Somewhere among these pages, you will find a moment of connection and insight. It's an indisputable truth that while life is complicated and difficult, hope is reserved for each and every one of us. Proof of hope is evident on every thoughtful page.


"Hope Givers is a powerful and inspirational culmination of stories, lessons, and resources for cultivating hope while overcoming adversity. Jodi and her many guests reflect on their most vulnerable experiences and share that hope, love, and company are the most essential tools needed to achieve resiliency and success." -Sammi B., Certified Child Life Specialist

"Jodi's book is an incredibly powerful tool in navigating the challenges that life often throws our way. Despite the hardships and pain, Jodi provides empathy, perspective and wisdom in recognizing and respecting this while seeking out and appreciating the ways in which hope can provide meaning and resilience in working through grief. Jodi has embodied the idea of turning pain into purpose, and I am inspired by her daily."

-Betsy Piccolo, LPC

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Jodi and her brother Jamie, who is a Hope Giver as well.

"Written from the heart. This wonderful memoir relates the transformative value of learning from others when dealing with grief and the many other challenges that life throws in your way. Honest, compassionate, inspirational.’ -Fred Weber, Founder of Weber Scientific, SCORE Mentor

"Hope Givers will show you how to cope with challenging situations and gain hope. Most importantly, it will show you how to help others gain hope as well.’ -Jack Tatar, Co-Author, “Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investors’ Guide to Bitcoin & Beyond”

"You can’t build a healthy life without a strong foundation. If you were denied that opportunity- for whatever reason- you have the power to build your own."

"Anything that requires change, requires work. There’s no way around that. Anything that requires work, demands action. Sometimes, just the thought of the process is enough to stop us in our tracks."

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