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  • The First (and Every) Impression Matters

  • Four Rights of Success

  • From Misery to Hope Loves Company

  • My Faithful Journey

  • The Joys of Volunteerism

  • The Power of Great Habits

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The First (and Every) Impression Matters

Want to make a great impression? Of course you do! Clients want to work with people they know, like and trust- therefore the first impression, the last impression, and every interaction in between, is imperative to building great relationships, afterall, you are a walking brand. In this presentation, you will learn the 10 best practices necessary to bring your best self- personally or professionally, to any event or occasion. Learning the skill of making a positive impression is paramount in building relationships and success!

The Four Rights of Success

Success is about the right attitude, right habits, the right communications and the right mindset.  Success is so much great than a great education, credentials and talents.  Success is fueled by the right relationships and you get to nuture those by following the four rights practice.

From Misery to Hope Loves Company

When ALS took her late husband Kevin in 2001 at the age of 36, Jodi knew that her life had changed forever.  She could either wallow in her grief or use that experience for good. As a result, Jodi was inspired to create Hope Loves Company, the only non profit with the unique and specific mission to support children and young adults who have been affected by ALS. This powerful presentation follows Jodi's journey from widowhood to wonderful as she inspires a mission, a documentary, a TEDx and healing.

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My Faithful Journey

Jodi speaks on her faithful journey and how it has impacted her outlook, choices, path and  progress. It is her faith that brought her out of depression and into purpose.

The Joys of Volunteerism

Jodi's volunteerism has resulted in 25 successful camps across the nation for children who have or had loved ones battling ALS, in addition to a wealth of other programs and services for children affected by ALS.

Jodi shares how employees can give, how volunteering improves team building skills and company morale, and why everyone benefits when they are working together to help others!

Jodi O'Donnell-Ames with Jefferson Awards Foundation Award

Finding Your Way to Success

We are all on a powerful journey that we call life. Each day is made up of moments and decisions that either propel us further in our purpose and happiness or leave us asking questions and doubting our actions. Now more than ever, we are seeking meaning and purpose, however, we must know our why to truly reach our full potential. Do you know your why when you begin each day?

Jodi discusses the five steps of owning your journey and living with purpose and meaning.

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